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All For One






This edition features woven motifs from the old archives of our ikat partners, prints with stories lost over time. 


We’ve named them Kirana | Moonbeam - imagine a calm mid-summer night with clear skies and a bright monochrome full moon with stars, a time of peace and tranquility that reign over the lands; Zalya | Arrow - navy blue arrowhead flying across the plain white fields, an untold story of the brave and fearless; Daka | Rain - rain drops falling down from the wide blue sky, bringing growth and harvest to the fields; Rana | Leaf - the image of a monochrome jungle filled with scattered leaves, a mist of knowledge and mystery that fills the woods and Vahi | Flow - reminiscent of the flow of clear spring water over pebbled riverbeds, a place where the stories are told and passed down to the young and mischievous.