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In 2009, Yvonne and Ren met on the sandy beaches of Mexico and in the course of their friendship and travels together, built an idea around their shared values and passions. A few sourcing trips, conversations, cross country adventures and serendipitous connections later, this idea came to life in Matter: a socially motivated business inspired by the type of travel they loved. Story driven, community based, built on direct relationships and a commitment to respecting provenance.


Our first edition is a series of fun, functional pants using artisan printed and loomed fabric. They are made for freedom of movement and occasion, emphasizing comfort without sacrificing style. Perfect for seeing the world in, and a symbol of empowerment.

We work with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition, sourcing heritage prints and styles and reinterpreting them for the modern nomad.



Founding Family

We start small but dream big. Because of that, we’ve been lucky to find mentors and collaborators from all over the world with the same passions and values.
This is our founding family.

MATTER founding family around the world