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Size Guide

We’ve designed our pants with adjustable closures for waist or hip wearing – no zips; only buttons, wraps and fabric belts.
Multiple fittings on multiple women means our fits work across the board.
Because of this, one Matter size is usually equivalent to two ‘normal’ sizes in international standards.
Meaning if you’re a size 8 and your best friend is a 10, you’ll both fit into our size 1.
When in doubt, measure up and compare with the exact measurement specs we have for waist, front rise, length and thigh, located on each style’s product page.
MATTER size guide in UK, US, Europe, Australia sizes for maleMATTER size guide in UK, US, Europe, Australia sizes for female


Size chart for the easy dhoti

Size chart for the modern monpe

Size chart for the lounge lunghi

Size chart for the sideswept dhoti pants




Size chart for the hitched hikers shorts

Size chart for the sailor shorts