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LESSONS // Everyday wisdom from our Printer

Fresh out of the last field trip for our first production run; the crisp cold air in the mornings, sweet chai shots in the afternoon and rhythmic beat of blocks printing throughout the day have given a much needed jolt of energy and motivation. Not to mention the almost zen-like wisdom that comes with spending time with one of our favorite production partners. Common sense, uncommon.  

Here are the top 5:

1. There’s no such thing as easy or hard, only what is practically possible. 

2. The most important ingredient for success is self belief. 

3. There is no point comparing yourself to other people or companies. Just do your own good work, maintain relationships to your values, and you’ll see. 

4. Life is always funny. You never know. One day. Who knows? 

5. Be present. That’s the best moment you’ll find in your life.