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Urla, Turkey: The Sailor Shorts + Kangura Anthracite

And there we have it, our last #destinationunknown. Urla in Turkey, an ancient seaport between two worlds. 

Somewhere with one foot in Asia and the other in Europe, a blend of East and West that symbolises the Kangura’s heritage and modern interpretation. And for the Sailors, we had to choose a place in this country that is the most ancient regularly used port in the world. 


1. I read therefore I am - With its history as an important cultural centre in the Hellenistic period, it’s literacy rate is among the highest in Turkey at 97%

2. Grass - The name “Urla” is derived from the Greek Βουρλά (“Vourla”) meaning marshlands

3. Compass, map of sea ports (5) and boat hook (6) - Urla is largely recognised as the most ancient regularly used port in the world

4. Red cloth and saga seeds - Urla’s name is also associated in Turkey with a particular breed of “okra”, red in color, called “kınalı bamya” in Turkish

7. Olive Oil - The oldest attested olive oil production facilities were recently discovered in Klazomenai. There are about six hundred thousand olive trees across the district


These Sailors are a call back to the highwaisted, mid thigh shorts seen in ports and yachts around the world. A playful pair perfect for adventuring with the same pleated waistband on the popular Reworked Harem, the easiest thing ever to pull on, even with your shoes on.