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Tips on Tokyo: Artisan Central


2k540 Aki Oka Artisan, Akihabara

Discover artisan works in this colony of artisan studios under the Tokyo subway tracks, or just have a coffee and swing in the hammocks of its café. Check on the webpage for exhibitions and workshops.


 Amuse Museum, Asakusa

Finally, a museum where you can touch and interact with its pieces. A ‘live art’ museum focusing on graphics, product design and textile arts.


Nippori Fabric Town, Nippori

A sense of old Tokyo. A long stretch of fabric shops with some vintage kimono fabrics and second hand shibori throws.


D47 Hikarie 8, Shibuya

8 components in this progressively curated space atop a newly minted mall. A thoughtfully curated, eclectic “Design travel store” (that also had a farmer selling tomatoes), a creative coworking space to drop in on, a rotating museum, art gallery, and more.