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Flower Power: Behind the Scenes on a MATTER shoot


We recently wrapped up our #seasonalindustry photoshoot on the island of Bali, and it was a magical affair.


 is a master at capturing moments. We’ve worked only with photojournalists, and find that this approach ensures that we capture that traveler’s moment in all our shots. Rather than posed fashion shots, setting up a beautiful scene and allowing the interaction of unplanned elements is what delivers for us, that #mattermoment. A serendipitous alignment of weather, light, connection and emotion.

We’ve learnt from past shoots that less is more, and a few key accessories and simple what-you’d-really-wear-everyday outfits work better than over the top styling and dramatic shots (most of the time). For this shoot we identified a few key locations, keeping in mind that not all of them would work out. Lo and behold, the waterfall shot we had planned for and drove a roundtrip of 3 hours to get to, wasn’t possible because of the dry season. Go figure. And yet, on the way at a break stop, we captured a fantastic moment with two chilled out dudes on a rest. It’s all about keeping your eyes open, your imagination flexible, and catching the moment. 

The concept behind this edition’s #seasonalindustry is simple - the majority of the world’s industry is bound by space and time, not existing in digital screens that can be switched on or off at will, or manufacturing in vacuums of a factory with no bearing on the external conditions. This edition’s prints are different because they were printed in the monsoon, and so only dark prints on lighter background are possible.

We work with artisan partners whose work and timelines are affected by the weather, family affairs, and festivals. Each print and impression differs depending on who’s printing, and the strength and pressure of that particular stroke. It’s a deep reflection of human frailty, imperfection, and soul. 

The 3 photos in this post highlight the best parts of our photoshoots - moments when everything comes together in a special way to create an image captured in both memory and film.