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Top 10 Instagram Accounts on Prints

We’re visual people, and although we love the real world, the digital universe offers up some awesome options too. They all have one thing in common – patterns. Pattern speaks to everyone with the use of colour and composition – some have histories behind them, others are means of self-expression to create ideal environments. Here is a snapshot of the Top 10 designers we think you would love - at least we do. 

1. Helen Dealtry

Helen Dealtry instagram account

A textile designer and artist best known for her hand-painted watercolour designs, is based in Brooklyn. Also the founder of Dealtry, a scarf line hand-printed by herself, together with digitally printed cashmere blend scarves. She draws inspiration largely from nature and negative spaces in and around objects. Her usual routine starts by outlining the space rather than the subject.

 2. Jennifer Parry Dodge

Jennifer Parry Dodge instagram account

Jennifer designs textiles, clothing, home goods and accessories. Based in Los Angeles, her vibrant patterns are often based on personal photographs of her Southern California surroundings. Her most unlikely inspiration was from a crumpled wet paper tower that she was using for a paint rag.

3. Shanan Campanaro

Shanan Campanaro Instagram ccount

Based in Brooklyn, this artist-designer founded Eskayel, an online site offering products ranging from homeware, stationaries and accessories. It also believes strongly about giving back – by being a member of the 1% for the Planet, dedicated to protecting our big blue planet. Shanan draws inspirations from the natural world, animals, plants and travel.

4. Leah Reena Goren

Leah Reena Goren instagram account

If you’re a fan of Australia’s Frankie magazine, you might have seen her artwork on the cover of their 59th issue. Leah calls herself a surface pattern designer and illustrator, who based in Brooklyn, with inspiration drawn from online images, drawings, flowers and plants, and sometimes shapes from her imagination.

5. Lily Stockman

Lily Stockman instagram account

Co-founder of Block Shop Textiles (one of the businesses out there that we really look up to), Lily is based in Los Angeles and is also a painter. Most of her artworks are oil on linen paintings, using bright colours and simple shapes that can easily make into motifs.

6. Peaches and Keen

Peaches and Keen instagram account

Founded by the fluoro duo Lucy and Lily, the pals are self-declared makers based in Melbourne. Lily is a graphic designer and Lucy is a gold and silversmith. When they are not lusting over plants, they combine their skills and love of all things bold and bright into the creation of things that make people smile.

7. Shibori Textiles

Shibori Textiles instagram account

Founded by Pepa and Karen, the boutique textile agency is based in Australia, and is renowned for pushing boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft. They’ve also collaborated on some creative unique projects that extended their product range to home wares too. The duo gets their inspiration mostly from holding weekly workshops that encourages individuals to unlock their creativity and start thinking with their hands for a change.

8. Fictive Fingers

Fictive Fingers instagram account

The local sister duo founded the hand printed textile design house 6 years ago with a small production philosophy – made here, made well. They very much believe in the art of crafting, and guess what, we’re working on a project together that’s coming out in a couple of months! Here’s a peek

9. Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Woolen Mills instagram account

Its intricate patterns of blankets are inspired by Native American designs and legends, using 100% pure wool in their production processes. In the history of the 150 year-old family-owned business, 104 years they’ve been weaving world class woolens in their Northwest Mills.

10. John Robshaw

John Robshaw instagram account

One of our largest inspirations, John said he “caught-the-Asia-bug” during his study of traditional block printing in China. Now he has his own line of textile home ware products. During his search for blockprinters in India, he shared that “when I needed hire someone to help, I pick the old printers. Their hands are shaky and their eyesights are poor, so the pattern comes out slightly off. I want to feel that human touch.”.