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Then&There is a project seeking to encapsulate stories of a...

Then&There is a project seeking to encapsulate stories of a certain time, and place. What happened, where, and when?

When designing our prints, we look back to original heritage motifs that carry a story, to explore tradition’s relevance through the lens of modernity. With this collaboration we want to celebrate the connectedness in Asia’s multicultural, ever changing scenery. We want to provoke questions of identity, origins, and roots. We want to build on the common ground we have in our histories, but also unite in our diversity. Blockprinting emerged as the first medium by which we translated oral history and created the written word, and so it is apt that we return to its origins as a cross-cultural, multi-lingual medium of translation.

For this project we put forward this question —

“What is your country’s story?”

“Where have you been and where are you going?

Being proud of where you were born and raised, tell us what icons in your country’s story define your experience of growing up in it. What motifs tell the most compelling tale? What print expresses the colour of your culture? 

To participate or for more information, write in to abigail[at]