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Beth Yap, also known as bittymacbeth is a one-woman-band and singer-songwriter. The soul of her sound originates from her and other’s negative experiences. She seeks to spark change for the better in herself and others during challenging circumstances

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Generally when bad things happen, they inspire my writings, I am of the opinion that struggles are necessary for growth and there’s still something to be gained in loss most times. Through challenges, I experience a growth in character and this provides me the opportunities to create music.

imageWhat would you consider to be your biggest struggle as an artist?

At the top of my list would definitely be balancing the pursuit of my dreams and being a practical supporter of the family. I occasionally ask myself at which point does it become unrealistic to continue the pursuit of my dreams, and I question if I am just giving up too early and not working hard enough to get to where I want to be.

And what supports you through your struggles?

My faith, the support of my family and boyfriend give me strength and hope, they encourage me, and tell me not to just simply give up on things. Even though they may not understand what I’m going through or what is going on, they still want me to succeed. All of these help.


We are inspired by Beth’s passion and drive for music, and are proud to have her as a Fieldtester, a group of inspiring friends that regularly test MATTER products in their workplace and trails to help us improve durability and design. Beth wears The Beach Shorts + Cross Natural, Size 1.