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Present Positivity


The first quarter of the year just flew by like that - that was quick.

March being the month of Present Positivity also calls for a reflection on how this first quarter has been like. We learnt to hit the brakes on unconstrained production and consumption and acknowledge not only how to be happy, but why it matters. It’s not about acquiring things, but rather our enjoyment of them. It’s not about working more hours, but instead learning how to embrace life, and everyone and everything in it. 

We think we should all take a moment to step back and appreciate life in its simplest forms: dancing, singing, breathing in fresh air, laughing with a friend, tasting Chipotle, grabbing a beer, etc. 

Ending off with a quote handwritten by The Letter J Supply (We’re giving away these limited editions one-of-a-kind quotes to our customers from N-O-W. Grab one here.) -