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There is an increased level of consciousness amongst consumers who are challenging the fashion industry in pursuit of transparency and questioning the origin and the making of their clothes.


A few weeks back our Creative Director, Hanna Hillilä took part in a panel discussion at the “Green is the New Black” - a festival that provides a curated platform of mindful local brands and influencers who are making meaningful change in their industry, and aims to raise awareness of the current trends of the fashion industry regionally, with a particular focus on transparency and traceability.


Here are some of our key learnings from the event.

  • Supporting and leading a conscious lifestyle means you care for this planet. Acknowledging that you are part of this planet that has its own finite resources and behaving mindfully despite wanting to have more.
  • Take a stand with what you purchase. Start with something small and easier to achieve. Pick a cause that you are passionate about and stick with it. Whether you prefer organic cotton or believe in transparent pricing, choose brands that support your cause. When everyone makes good choices, together the people can change the market.
  • Buy less. Be conscious about what you are buying and why you are buying. More often than not you don’t need the piece or it might not be an essential addition to your current wardrobe.
  • All brands are in different stages of their journey to discover how they can be sustainable and socially-conscious. Some brands may be starting to realise the importance of sustainability, while others may be at the forefront of change. All of the brands fall somewhere in-between the two, and all are playing a part in changing the industry.
  • “Greenwashing” is not all bad, it is a starting point for consumers and brands to kick start the conversations about being sustainable