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It takes confidence to wear the pants. MATTER was designed with the adventurous, confident woman in mind, whether that’s a quiet confidence that needs not say anything to be heard, or the kind of gutso that stands up for what she believes in.

In this series celebrating International Women’s Day, we interview a few of our customers and collaborators in all kinds of shapes and sizes to ask them about their take on what it takes to be a confident woman in their context.

Full Name: Sarina Singh

Age: 36

Occupation: HR Consultant

What’s the stuff that keeps you up at night and gets you going in the morning?

Music. It keeps me up and going, day or night.

What is a strong woman to you?  What’s your greatest strength?

A woman who is confident and is able to be herself.

How do you feel about your body and how would you describe it?

I feel very comfortable with my body. I would describe it as soft. 

MATTER pants are made for the adventurous, confident woman in mind. What do you love about them and why?

They are comfortable, can be sexy and chic. I like how it can match with anything like high heels or flats.


Sarina is the Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora and Sideswept Dhoti + Chambray Teal wearing the in size1.