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Jie Hui also known as Miss Goob is a Singaporean independent baker that named her bakery after her beloved miniature schnauzer gooby - Gooby Cakes. 


You can find more of Miss Goob’s amazing work at @missgoob

What drives you in the day and keeps you up at night?

In the day, I am usually busy with work and I spend most of my time at the shop baking and decorating cakes. When I’m not working, I usually spend time with loved ones or friends over meals, walks, or cooking! When I’m not out, I am usually swimming at night haha. I prefer to go for swims at night so I can avoid the sun, plus, on weekdays I am only free to workout at night after work! ;)


Tell us about Gooby (your dog) and your relationship with him.

I adopted Gooby back in 2009, when he was 5 months old. Initially it was really hard to bond with him as he was very hyperactive and didn’t like it when I wanted to pet or carry him! Through months of training and spending time together, he slowly opened up to me and now loves hug and kisses, he also loves cuddling beside me, even when we sleep!

How did you decided that starting Gooby bakery would be your calling?

I decided to name my bakery Goobycakes, because I wanted it to be something I could keep close to my heart and be responsible for, just like how Gooby is to me. I started out baking from home in the early 2012, but soon got enquiries from friends and strangers when I started posting photos of my creations on social media, specifically Instagram. I started taking in small amounts of orders but the demand grew over the months so I decided to rent a space so I could produce more and work more efficiently!


What is an object that you cherish ?

This is a little random but I have an eye ring, which I cherish a lot. I wear it with me whenever I travel, because there are beliefs that carrying an Turkish eye around can help to ward off evil and keep me safe. I even brought it along with me when I snorkelled!


We are inspired by Miss Goob’s passion for pursing her dreams and fearlessness of expressing herself , and are proud to have her as Fieldtesters, a group of inspiring friends that regularly test MATTER products in their workplace and trails to help us improve durability and design. Miss Goob is wearing The Classic Jumpsuit + Rana, Size 2.