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When we set out to design these pants we knew three things. One, they had to be immensely comfortable and versatile, but never sloppy. Second, they had to be truly easy care and easy fit. Third, we were not going to subscribe to the trends of fast fashion and therefore the styles had to be timeless.
We looked to history for inspiration and merged them from cultures such as India, Vietnam and Thailand with actual time proven, favourite pants from wardrobes all over. For versatility and easy fit we created adjustable closures for waist or hip wearing – no zips; only buttons, wraps and fabric belts. Multiple fittings on multiple women meant our fits worked across the board. See our sizing guides here.
As for how the pants worked for travel, this was our guiding inspiration:
You want to look good, and still be comfortable. You're on the road, but it doesn't mean looking like a bum. You want to run for the train, cross your legs
while reading your book, fold it easily into your duffel for the next destination. You want to run in the rain, dry it in minutes by the beach fire, and simply
change it up with a cropped top for the evening. 

A pair of pants that is silk-sumptuous but cotton-easy to care for, to throw in the machine when you get home, ready for your next adventure.
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The Sideswept Dhoti + Singapore Stone Grey $119.00 USD $149.00 USD