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JAMDANI - Threads&Hands

The Threads&Hands edition celebrates an ancient weaving technique called Jamdani, the fourth artisan technique in our family. Considered the most artistic and finest of Bengali craftsmanship, this is an ancient artisan craft emerging from the patronage of imperial warrants from Mughal emperors. Jamdani - literally meaning "flower-pot" bears its origin in Central Asian culture and was brought to India by the Mughals during their rule. Each thread of every motif is hand woven into the finest muslin on the loom.

Shaded with a modern chambray effect, this luxurious limited edition is designed in collaboration with New Delhi based designer, Sonica Kapur, and draws from timeless geometric motifs woven into constellations of modern day grace. Comprising 3 motifs in 6 colourways, the motifs are Shunya, Eksa, and Jamiti, meaning Zero, X and Geometry. These are crafted in chambray swathes and bold stripes woven in fine muslin from a community in Habibpur, where each scarf passes through twenty to thirty pairs of hands from yarn to finished piece.