A Day In The Life: Marianna Jamadi

9:00am  Rise and shine from Long Beach, California. After waking up and getting dressed, I like to start my day with a cleanse. I’ll either burn sage or palo santo to set my daily intention.

9:15am  Water my plants, especially in the summer heat!

9:30am — Time to head out for a caffeine fix!

10:00am  Stroll over to Cuppa Cuppa for an Americano. I often like to spend this coffee time reflecting and writing down thought or ideas that might be floating around in my head.

11:00am  Head out into the streets of downtown Long Beach to take snaps for my instagram focused on my city: @lb_see

12pm — A leisurely lunch at Berlin is a perfect way to break up the day. Especially great on beautiful days, Berlin has outdoor seating to soak up the sun.

1pm — On my way home, I might window shop or head into cute boutiques in the East Village district.

2pm – 6pm — Work catch up! Dive into emails, edit photos, plan for future trips.

6pm — Break for the evening. I might go for a walk, stay in bed and read a book, or make dinner plans!

We created these pieces to be fit for all occasions, championing the ethos of living better with less. A Day In The Life is a series grounded on the belief that our pieces are made for the everyday, essentials that can carry you through long days and even longer nights. Marianna is wearing The Midi Tunic Dress + Kirana, Size 1.

All images were taken by Maika Lindsey.