#THEMATTERWAY | The Designer’s Guide to Lisbon

Living in Lisbon sometimes feels like being in pastel-colored heaven. Of course the minute you think that, the public transport is 30 minutes late (once again) and an exotic birds shits on your head. But do like the locals: Relax, go to sit in a kiosk and have a glass of wine. Or even better, a glass of Ginja or Amendoa Amarga, which are both excellent Portuguese liquors.


Lisbon is famous for its light. Pastel colored buildings and white sidewalks reflect the light in unique way. Lisbon also has the most sunny days in all of Europe.




01. Take a walk

Lisbon is very walkable, BUT wear comfortable shoes, you´ll be going up and down lot of hills. My favorites are the gardens: Jardim Botánico, Jardim da Estrela and Tapada das Necessidades.



02. Check our pop-up stores, workshops and events

Be sure to check out Oapartamento. Their main goal is to create synergies and promote creative projects. Oapartamento has pop-up-stores, workshops and other kinds of events.

(Photo credits: Rodrigo Cardoso)



03. Spend some time at an Art Gallery

Have lunch at an art gallery. Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa is a super nice gallery in a stunning place that used to be a palace. Enjoy a very reasonable priced lunch in their garden after seeing some interesting art. Located in Bairro Alto, Rua de O Século 79, 1200-433 Lisboa



04. Go either modern or authentic

Stay at the design hotel Bastardo in the city center (they also have a very nice restaurant with excellent food, even for vegans) or rent airbnb-place from Alfama, the old and most typical Lisbon neighborhood.

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05. Luggage space, of course!

Buy ceramics! There are nice contemporary ceramic shops in Mouraria area.


Written by Saara Helkala of