#THEMATTERWAY | The Photographer’s Guide To The Galapagos Islands


When packing for a beachside destination, the proper gear is
a must to keep you cool and in the good graces of the shining sun. In order to
get a healthy dose of Vitamin C and prevent ourselves from overdosing on those
beautiful sunrays, photographer Marianna Jamadi and I
put our Matter Prints products to the ultimate test: We chartered Pikaia Lodge’s private, 100-foot yacht for
daily expeditions in the Galapagos Islands, and we quickly learned that Matter
Prints scarves and pants come in handy at every turn.


 When Sunblock Just Isn’t Enough

As Marianna and I were exploring the Galapagos, we quickly
realized the southern exposure was no joke. Although we dolloped on prodigious
amounts of sunscreen and protective block, we needed an extra layer to keep
both ourselves and our cameras cool and out of the red zone. By turning our
Matter Prints scarves into beautiful head wraps and camera camouflages, we were
able to achieve ultimate Galapagos ease and relaxation.


For All Your Cover Up Needs

In the early morning, sunrise hours and during the stretch
of twilight before the Galapagos stars sparked bright, we had adequate downtime
aboard Pikaia Lodge’s yacht. To keep us enjoying ourselves with ease and comfort,
we opted to adorn Matter Prints in the form of swim suit cover ups. I sported a
one-piece, which paired lovely with Matter Prints pants, and Marianna matched
her bikini with a flowing scarf, easily tied around the waist for a beach to
dock look.


 To Keep You Blissfully Enjoying the Wind

Although it’s endlessly refreshing, one concern while aboard
a yacht is always the wind. Marianna and I love a windswept look more than your
average beachgoer, but we do like to experience the ocean sans fly away
tangles. Utilizing our Matter Prints scarves, we expertly tied the cloths
around our tresses to ensure we had a carefree time while cruising the idyllic
Galapagos waters. Just as a traditional hat would, this also kept our heads and
bodies cool.


When A Beach Towel Isn’t in Range

Sometimes beach towels can weigh more than they’re worth.
They become a drag to lug along in your baggage once they’re wet, and they
often take up too much room if you tote them to the beach. To overcome our
beach towel blues, Marianna and I opted to utilize our Matter Prints scarves as
towels instead. There are many perks to this substitution, with the most
obvious being you’ll have the most beautiful towel along the coast. Scarves
also dry much faster than thick, cotton towels, ensuring you enjoy an
effortless day at the beach.


When You Crave the Ultimate Titanic Moment

We’ll be the first to admit it – we were the generation
blissfully enamored by the phenomenon that is the Titanic adaptation on the big
screen. There’s not a time I’m on a boat that I don’t – at least for a moment –
want to be Rose at the main bow, contemplating my future as a handsome stranger
(ahem… Leonardo DiCaprio) comes to my
aid. To fulfill our Titanic dreams, Marianna and I let our Matter Prints
scarves billow in the wind. It was our perfect send off to an epic week in the
Galapagos, where spent more time in Matter Prints than any other clothing item
in our suitcase.