The Ten Steps (With Tens More In Between) From Print To Pant

Step 1: Source

Source through heritage blocks in printing workshops for prints with cultural stories and history. We visited over 10 workshops in Rajasthan and found 1 man who still knew the meaning behind the prints.

Step 2: Essentialise

Design a modernized version of the print that contains its essential story and origin. Knowing the back story of the prints, we designed the repeat and layout in the same spirit.

Step 3: Carve

Work with expert block carvers to design the repeat pattern in a size big enough to still hand print. One of our blocks was the biggest they had ever made.

Step 4: Colour Match

Discuss with the colour master the desired colour and test. We tested 15 different colours inspired by natural landscapes and tones.

Step 5: Steam Dye

Fabric is rolled onto a steam dyer over a period of 2 to 3 days before it goes to the printers. We sampled 5 times through dip dying to get the final shade right.

Step 6: Print

Repeat print of fabric with the same consistency, distance and weight. We spent 10 days working with the printers to find the most efficient way of printing.

Step 7: Air Dry

Printed fabric has to be immediately dried under sunshine and a constant level of humidity and heat for a consistent finish.

Step 8: Steam

Steam wash and finish fixes the colour dyes and ensures there is no colour run in the final fabric. We do this twice.

Step 9: Cut

Patterns, the blue print of all clothing, are cut. We worked with the principle of zero-waste patternmarking, which reduces the leftover fabric.

Step 10: Stitch

The last step to making a fantastic pant.