A DAY IN THE LIFE | Charlotte Puxley

8am — Every morning I’ll stop by the market to pick up the blooms needed to complete the day’s orders. I like to go in with a rough idea of what I want, but it almost always changes as I walk through the market. The list is, of course, subject to what’s fresh and what’s available. Ida, my french bulldog, is a welcomed companion in this morning errand.

9:30am — We have a small team and our day to day schedule really depends on the season, but we always like to get an early start to prepare the orders. There’s a rhythm to our schedule: we’ll go through the orders, divvy them up, start stripping off the leaves and trimming stems (this is Ida’s favourite part because she gets to go around feeding on what falls on the floor), arrange the bouquets, and prepare them for delivery.

11am — Being in the heart of Tiong Bahru has its own perks, the main one is that we are right across from Plain Vanilla. A bakery and cafe all in one, my favourite pick-me-up order is their hot chocolate.

5pm — Every few times a week, I like to go to the Yoga studio around the corner to wind down and finish my day. After that, I’ll take Ida for a walk – either around the neighborhood or at East Coast Park where we’ll meet my fiancé Ollie.

7pm — After a day surrounded by flowers and the fast-paced rhythm of finishing orders, I like to end it with a slow dinner in good company.

We created these pieces to be fit for all occasions, championing the ethos of living better with less. A Day In The Life is a series grounded on the belief that our pieces are made for the everyday, essentials that can carry you through long days and even longer nights. Charlotte is wearing The Classic Jumpsuit + Daka Jungle, Size 1.