#COMPLETECONFIDENCE | Laura Millet, Art & English Teacher

It takes confidence to wear the pants. MATTER was designed with the adventurous, confident woman in mind, whether that’s a quiet confidence that needs not say anything to be heard, or the kind of gutso that stands up for what she believes in.

In this series celebrating International Women’s Day, we interview a few of our customers and collaborators in all kinds of shapes and sizes to ask them about their take on what it takes to be a confident woman in their context.


Full Name: Laura Millet

AgeI’ve stopped counting

OccupationArt and English Teacher


What’s the stuff that keeps you up at night and gets you going in the morning?

Adrenaline keeps me up at night. Hot Yoga gets me going in the morning, or a good tea.


What is a strong woman to you?  What’s your greatest strength?

A strong woman to me is one who embraces her vulnerability, is courageous enough to be personally responsible for their life and choices, and passionate enough to live her dreams and convictions.

How do you feel about your body and how would you describe it?

I feel grateful that all my parts work and I love my curves. It is strong enough in some places, squishy in others. My body is long and luscious.



When you hear, “A beautiful woman”, what do you see?

Strength and character, openness, creativity, kindness and courage, plus a wicked sense of humour.


MATTER pants are made for the adventurous, confident woman in mind. What do you love about them and why?

You can dress them up or dress them down. They are very comfortable, great for travel and are a fabulous style.


Laura is wearing the Sideswept Dhoti + Mobi Indigo in size 3.