1 Pant, 3 Ways: The Sideswept Dhoti

In 2014, we began with pants to focus on a single category around a seasonless model. Derived from India, the Dhoti was the insignia of tradition and a pillar of Gandhi’s appearance as he championed for independence. As the Dhoti was associated with Gandhi’s movement for freedom, we explored a similar idea: to create pants made for freedom of movement. Pants that not only aligned with the philosophy of comfort and versatility across all occasions, but also served as a symbol of empowerment. Rooted in a heritage style and reinterpreted in its design, the Dhoti celebrates and bridges tradition with modernity.

With that, we sought to continue our approach in creating pants that carry the histories of its inspirations.


The Sideswept Dhoti is one of the most versatile pants in our collection, making it our signature style. The modern asymmetry is inspired by the rippling of the Indian Dhoti as it is gathered. An added expressive side pocket and flexible wrap come together as a tribute to the versatility of the traditional garment.


Here are 3 ways to style the Sideswept Dhoti:



Keep It Plain

Let the bold silhouette of the Sideswept Dhoti make a statement in itself and pair it with a plain top. Tie the Sideswept Dhoti any way you want it. We like keeping to neutrals but you can always try contrasting colours. Keep in mind that just because the top is a muted shade, doesn’t mean the silhouette has to be too. We love it styled with a tank top tucked it, paired with simple yet understated jewelry accents, and let the pieces speak for themselves.




Bring On The Layers

Think cardigan, denim jacket, a blazer or a winter coat. Basic layering can change how you wear your Sideswept Dhoti at any temperature. This makes it easier to wear bold printed pants at the office, as you can throw on a day jacket with some work friendly shoes – a great after-work drinks outfit too in our opinion. The same goes for dressing warmer, a coat and a long scarf wrapped around adds a nice touch when the weather doesn’t call for bare shoulders.


Matching Sets

The best thing about some of our Sideswept Dhoti pants (though we may be biased) is that they have now have matching tops too. It’s the look of a jumpsuit with the flexibility of options. A staple piece for your wardrobe that promises the same versatility and comfort we are known for, something that can be worn from the desk to dinner, beach to bar. Congratulations, you now have two outfits in one.


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