The Reworked Harem

Versality is a great detail for pants. If you have a cute cropped top to show, you can wear the Reworked Harem ruffled along the waistline. Option 2, flatten those pleats and wear it flat for a plain Jane day. (http://bit.ly/hairlinestripe).

Another look with the same pants? Yes way! Change the look up by replacing the sash with your own belt that has been in the wardrobe for months. Time to take it out for a breather.

Feeling Kangura (http://bit.ly/kangura) today? Change it up with Hairline’s sash, and you are good to go with a touch of contrast.

The sun is out and summer is definitely here. Fold up the playful cuffs on your Reworked Harem for some seaside action.

We care about the small details that affect the final look. Besides the fabric, pattern and drape, small details in stitching like the types of belt loops on a waistband play a key part in how you feel when you put these pants on. Seen here are three types of loops on the Reworked Harem alone.

Just like how the Bhalka Indigo (http://bit.ly/bhalka) Mobi Promegranate (http://bit.ly/mobipomegranate) are printed on Tussar Silk and Cotton, our Tri Colour Twelve, Hairline and Kangura fabrics are made from 100% hand-loomed cotton. This fabric technique has a history dating twenty centuries back, where yarns are individually hand spun and loomed to create a weave that is looser and more breathable than it’s power-loomed or milled counterpart. It contains more texture due to the unevenness of the yarn, an imperfection we feel only adds to its beauty.