We’re big believers in the mantra that great things are done by a series of small things brought together – in our case, every piece of garment or accessory that we send out into the world, to your doorstep, is a small ripple of change. It is change in the form of believing in the universally binding value of textile artisanship, appreciating the beauty of handmade prints and weaves, and supporting the livelihoods of rural artisan communities.

We also love seeing how you make our pieces yours, that a world traveller in Ecuador can be wearing the same pants as a Thai bodyworker in San Francisco, and a photographer from Toronto can fit their dog in their pocket. We know that you too, value provenance and process, because by standing with us you are voting that where and why something is made, matters.

Every one of our products has a story, and it continues with you. To add to this global community, share a picture of yourself in your MATTER piece on Instagram, tag us, and include the hashtag #MATTERtribe.