Dear #MATTERtribe,

We’re big on birthdays, and since this one’s our 5th, we wanted to go beyond revelry to commemorate this milestone. To celebrate how far we’ve come, we created a limited range of travel wraps. On one side: a block printed adaptation of one of the 5 signature motifs we began with, on the other: a block printed word that we felt was significant and relevant to a year in our journey. The intention was to make them oversized and flexible for any and all purposes: a shawl for the plane, blanket on overnight trains, cover for rainy days, scarf for colder climates, picnic mat, or even a statement wall hanging piece.

Whatever the purpose, we wanted this to be a tangible representation of our journey together in the last 5 years. Some of you have been a part of our journey since we began, and some of you found kinship in our mission later on – but all of you have joined our story, and for that we are thankful. You’ve made your mark in the community and we know that our story continues with you.

5 Signature Prints


An idea we had, on top of all this, was to have a visual documentation of this creative expression. We wanted to work with 5 photographers whose visuals and philosophy aligned with ours and have them each shoot a Travel Wrap. We started with an intention rooted in provenance, to ask where and why something is made, and by whom. Every print has its own story and in celebrating their heritage, we’ve also come to realise that beauty is often also in the reaction it evokes: the pull of emotion in us. Because of that connectedness, the storytelling becomes more intimate and personal. Which is why we sent 5 photographers a Travel Wrap with the simple brief of shooting a narrative based on their interpretation of the word: styled and photographed with full creative freedom.

Join the #MATTERnarrative

By now, some of you would have received the Travel Wraps in your mailbox. We picked these words with you in mind, and we would love to see how you make the Travel Wrap yours. Just take a photo and tag us at @matterprints along with the hashtag #MATTERnarratives.


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